Covered in a thick jungle, the island of Huahine is surrounded by the deepest of blue waters making it a very beautiful diving destination. The Fitii pass is quite often compared in its richness to certain spots in the Tuamotu. Underneath the surface you’ll discover schools of shark, jackfish, batfish, barracuda, and other small marine creatures.


For the lovers of diving, the Huahine is one destination where you’ll get to swim amongst a plethora of different fish the deeper you go down.

The Avapehi Pass

This is one dive experience full of unique surprises. The further you go down, the more you get to see. Meet with jacks at -7 meters, then the barracudas at -15 meters, and finally at -25 meters, watch the batfish and manta rays dance in the current. It’s also home to up to fifty grey sharks.

Fa’a Miti

This is one dive site that’s accessible to all levels of divers. It’s generally sheltered from swell, wind, and current, helping to reveal a dazzling multitude of corals along the gentle underwater slope. As you descend down, you’ll be greeted by black tip sharks and what appears to be a mist of small fish following in their wake.

Dive centers


Here in Huahine you can not only dive, but also canoe, kayak, and kiteboard. Make sure to explore its museum to learn about sacred traditions.



Gently take yourself along with the current as you paddle around the lagoon. Below the water’s surface is a world filled with fish you can view from the comfort of your canoe or kayak.



Huahine gets its fair share of trade winds in the afternoon – just like most of The Islands of Tahiti. This helps make it one of the premier kiteboarding spots in the area. It’s still relatively unknown, so it’s a perfect place for both beginners and experienced boarders.



On the island you’ll find a small educational museum set up under a fare pōte’e (a house where the local knowledge, sacred traditions, and rituals were taught). Here paddles, axe blades, fish teeth pendants, pestles, tattoo combs, and more are exhibited from various archeological digs in the area.


If you’re visiting more than one island in The Islands of Tahiti then fly with Air Tahiti. It offers a multi-flight pass that saves you time and money.

Fly to Huahine

Air Tahiti provides frequent 40-minute flights from Papeete, daily flights from Moorea, and 25-minute flights from both Raiatea and Bora Bora. Transport from the airport must be arranged by your preferred travel professional or your accommodation.

Ferry to Huahine

Inter-island cruises run two to three times weekly. Local buses will take you from the boat to your destination for a fare. Their timetables often change, so we suggest you call the companies or contact Tahiti Tourisme on (689) 40 54 99 54.