Picture Maupiti as pure Tahitian tradition surrounded by a fabulous lagoon. Whether you’re on land or under the water, what you will experience on this island will be truly exceptional. Here you’ll encounter many of the animals emblematic to The Islands of Tahiti. And if you’re lucky, they may even brush up against you.


Its underwater coral gardens act as a nursery for many of the fish you’ll meet on your dives. Also, keep an eye out for the graceful flying mantas.

Mantas Maupiti

Your dive takes place at a manta ray cleaning station in less than 10 meters of depth (30 feet). Here these majestic animals are cleaned by the surrounding schooling fish. Underwater, the mantas look to be performing ballet as they put on an up close and personal show for your pleasure.

The Fa’a’apu

It means ‘orchard’ in Tahitian because located just 20 minutes from the island is a truly magnificent site filled with a sprawling and fruitful coral garden. It’s here where many reef fish were born and raised.

Coral Garden

Initiate yourself into the world of diving or choose to snorkel this great underwater trail filled with a richness of marine life.

Dive centers


Head out on trails across shallow water or across rocky mountains. No matter the route you take, you’ll always be surrounded by beauty.

Historical trail

Historical trail

Just like anywhere else around The Islands of Tahiti, the combination of nature and mythical stories is extremely powerful – and Maupiti is no different. Here you’ll discover the Island’s history and some of its legends.



Climb up Mount Teurafaatiu (elevation 1,250 ft/381 m) and witness its amazing panoramic view. The 360-degree look at the lagoon, motu, and the shape of Bora Bora off in the distance is picturesque and unforgettable.


If you’re visiting more than one island in The Islands of Tahiti then fly with Air Tahiti. It offers a multi-flight pass that saves you time and money.

Fly to Maupiti

Air services fly direct to Maupiti five times per week (50-minute flight) from Papeete and also offer three weekly inter-island stopover connections (2 to 3 hours).

Boat from Bora Bora

Take a private boat from Bora Bora across magnificent sceneries of the Island’s – and the motu’s – endless white sandy beaches.

Boat transfer

From Maupiti airport, you will need to take a boat transfer to your accommodation. Boat transfers should be organized with your accomodation or with a licensed travel agent prior to arriving.



This is the place to have a romantic getaway. Get yourself an overwater bungalow and then head underwater for a dive that you’ll both never forget.

Moorea— Graze with the Lemon Sharks

Scuba dive or snorkel the crystal-clear lagoon of Moorea, which is home to a rich coral reef ecosystem and vibrant array of marine life.