Rurutu may be one of the few islands without a lagoon, but what it does have is a big open ocean filled with even bigger marine creatures. Each year it attracts whale lovers and researchers who come out to see these majestic mammals as they venture towards the coast to give birth. A truly unforgettable moment to observe.


Head under the waters of Rurutu to see a wonderland filled with large coral formations, colorful fish, and the giant whales.

Peva’s Pass

This dive is unique in The Islands of Tahiti, where from the beach, you can explore a long 12-meter deep corridor lined with drop-offs and cavities filled with corals, fish, even white tip sharks. Here the water visibility is so exceptional, you won’t miss a thing.

The Tip Of Una’a

The seabed here is quintessential Rurutu with its immense coral plateaus and formations – some measuring several meters high. The visibility is next to none with it stretching 50 meters off into the crystal blue waters, at a minimum. You won’t need to look hard either to find schools of parrot fish, emperor angels, white tip sharks, and tuna.

Dive Centers

*Rurutu is for committed divers only as there are no dive centres on the island. Divers must bring their own equipment, or be content to snorkel above these magnificent creatures.


See the island on two legs or four. Here there are tracks that take you deep into the tropical vegetation on foot, and others best experienced on a horse.



If you bring your hiking boots then check out The Lost Track. Along the way you’ll see overgrown caves and grottos, with the walk taking you up the side of near-vertical limestone cliffs and through thick tropical vegetation. It’s a hike that will definitely test your cardio.

Horse riding

Horse riding

Saddle up and go on a guided horseback tour along the island trails. Choose to head to the beach, tropical forest, or around the surrounding mountains. Whatever you decide, you’ll be surrounded by picturesque scenery.


If you’re visiting more than one island in The Islands of Tahiti then fly with Air Tahiti. It offers a multi-flight pass that saves you time and money.

Fly from Papeete

Air Tahiti has non-stop and 1-stop flights from Papeete to Rurutu 4 days a week, Tubuai 5 days a week, and Raivavae 3 days a week. There are also connecting services from Rurutu to Tubuai twice a week or from each island to Raivavae once a week.

Getting around

Car rentals are available in Moerai on Rurutu. However, many visitors choose to tour around by circle-island excursions, local guides, or by foot, boat or bicycle.


Moorea— Graze with the Lemon Sharks

Scuba dive or snorkel the crystal-clear lagoon of Moorea, which is home to a rich coral reef ecosystem and vibrant array of marine life.


This remarkable untouched atoll is home to rare and protected species. It also has one of the largest concentrations of grey sharks in the world.